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Brew Camp

Brew Camp is Chicago's local homebrew general store.

We carry a full line of equipment, ingredients, and educational supplies for brewing up all kinds of delicious beverages. We started out with homebrew supplies, including a wide variety of malts, hops and yeasts for brewing beer at home. We quickly expanded into winemaking and cider, and then into mead and soda. Since staring in 2011, Brew Camp has become a staple of the Chicago Brewing community.

Our homebrewing classes in Chicago have taught hundreds how to make their own beers, and our friendly staff helps demystify the brewing process daily.

Built by long-time homebrewers and recovering web developers Jared Saunders and Whit Nelson, our team of Brew Camp counselors teach you how to brew beer, wine and soda at home with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

If we can do-it-ourselves, we do -- from our online Recipe Builder and home-brewed Point of Sale system, to our bike-powered grain mill and our vintage printing press. We set out to build the shop we want to shop at.

Jared Saunders @jaredsaunders

Jared started early -- teaching piano to neighborhood kids at twelve and opening a music typesetting service in college. After running his web design and development firm in Chicago for fifteen years, Jared brings his graphic design, information architecture, and project management skills to Brew Camp. A Utah survivor (if you want good beer, head to Wyoming or learn how to make it yourself), he misses the mountains.

Whit Nelson @whitnelson

Whit Nelson is a geek. Born and raised in from Minneapolis, MN, he holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota. Whit is a programmer, writer, improviser and entrepreneur. He ran a successful online development consultancy in Chicago for 5 years before starting Brew Camp. While he does enjoy the beer, it was the science of home brewing that really hooked him.

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